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Luke Chapter 19

The words of Our Only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in red.

19:10 "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost."
19:11 As they were hearing these things, he added and spoke a parable, because he was nigh to Jerusalem and because they thought that the kingdom of God should immediately be manifested.
19:12 He said therefore: "a certain nobleman went into a far country, to receive for himself a kingdom and to return.
19:13 And calling his ten servants, he gave them ten pounds and said to them: Trade till I come.
19:14 But his citizens hated him and they sent an delegation after him, saying: 'We will not have this man to reign over us.'
19:15 And it came to pass that he returned, having received the kingdom: and he commanded his servants to be called, to whom he had given the money, that he might know how much every man had gained by trading,
19:16 And the first came saying: 'Lord, thy pound hath gained ten pounds.'
19:17 And he said to him: 'Well done, thou good servant, because thou hast been faithful in a little, thou shalt have power over ten cities.'
19:18 And the second came, saying: 'Lord, thy pound hath gained five pounds.'
19:19 And he said to him: 'Be thou also over five cities.'
19:20 And another came, saying: ' Lord, behold here is thy pound, which I have kept laid up in a napkin.
19:21 For I feared thee, because thou art an austere man: thou takest up what thou didst not lay down: and thou reapest that which thou didst not sow.'
19:22 He saith to him: 'Out of thy own mouth I judge thee, thou wicked servant. Thou knewest that I was an austere man, taking up what I laid not down and reaping that which I did not sow.
19:23 And why then didst thou not give my money into the bank, that at my coming I might have exacted it with usury?'
19:24 And he said to them that stood by: 'Take the pound away from him and give it to him that hath ten pounds.'
19:25 And they said to him: 'Lord, he hath ten pounds.'
19:26 But I say to you that to every one that hath shall be given, and he shall abound: and from him that hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken from him.
19:27 But as for those my enemies, who would not have me reign over them, bring them hither and slay them in my presence."
19:28 And having said these things, he went before, going up to Jerusalem.
19:29 And it came to pass, when he was come nigh to Bethphage and Bethania, unto the mount called Olivet, he sent two of his disciples,
19:30 Saying: "Go into the town which is over against you, at your entering into which you shall find the colt of an ass tied, on which no man ever hath sitten: loose it and bring it.
19:31 And if any man shall ask you: 'Why are you loosing it?' You shall say thus unto him: Because the Lord hath need of it.' "
19:32 And they that were sent went their way and found the colt standing, as he said unto them.
19:33 And as they were loosing the colt, the owners thereof said to them: "Why are you loosing it?
19:34 But they said: "Because the Lord has need of it."
19:35 And they brought it to Jesus. And casting their cloaks over the colt, they set Jesus on it.
19:36 And as he went, they spread their cloaks upon the road.
19:37 And when he was drawing near, being now at the descent of the Mount of Olives, the whole company of his disciples began to rejoice and to praise God with a loud voice, for all the miracles that they had seen,
19:38 Saying: "Blessed is he who comes as king, in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!"
19:39 And some of the Pharisees, from the crowds, said to him: "Master, rebuke thy disciples."
19:40 He said to them: "I tell you that if these keep silence, the stones will cry out."
19:41 And when he drew near, seeing the city, he wept over it, saying:
19:42 "If thou also hadst known, and that in this thy day, the things that are to thy peace: but now they are hidden from thy eyes.
19:43 For the days shall come upon thee: and thy enemies shall cast a trench about thee and compass thee round and straiten thee on every side,
19:44 And beat thee flat to the ground, and thy children who are in thee. And they shall not leave in thee a stone upon a stone: because thou hast not known the time of thy visitation."
19:45 And entering into the temple, he began to cast out them that sold therein and them that bought.
19:46 Saying to them: "It is written: My house is the house of prayer. But you have made it a den of thieves."
19:47 And he was teaching daily in the temple. And the chief priests and the scribes and the rulers of the people sought to destroy him.
19:48 And they found not what to do to him: for all the people were very attentive to hear him.

The Second Epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians

The day of the Lord is not to come till the man of sin be revealed. The apostle's teachings are to be observed.

2:1 And we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and of our gathering together unto him:
2:2 That you be not easily moved from your sense nor be terrified, neither by spirit nor by word nor by epistle. as sent from us, as if the day of the Lord were at hand.

Chap. 2. Ver. 2. Spirit . . . utterance. . . letter indicate three possible sources of their belief that the parousia is imminent. Spirit refers to some falsely claimed revelation, utterance may be a statement of Paul’s which was misunderstood, or wrongly attributed to him, the letter seems to be one forged in Paul’s name.

2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition

Ver. 3. . . The parousia must be preceded by a great apostasy, i.e., a great religious revolt, and the advent of the man of sin, i.e., Antichrist. Son of perdition, one entirely deserving of eternal punishment.

Ver. 3. The day of the Lord will not come. These words have been inserted to complete the sentence, which in the original is elliptical. The expanded reads "Let no man deceive you by any means: for the day of the Lord will not come unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition"

2:4 Who opposeth and is lifted up above all that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God.

Ver. 4. In the temple, that of Apostate Jerusalem which the full consensus of the Church Fathers declare he will rebuild - i.e. the Temple of Remphan; and in the Apostate shell of the former Christian church, which he perverts to his own worship: as the Freemasons have done to the Vatican.

Ver. 4. Antichrist will be characterized by great impiety and pride. He sits in the temple of God, etc. He will aspire to be treated as God and proclaim that he is really God.

2:5 Remember you not that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
2:6 And now you know what restrains him, that he may be revealed in his proper time.

Ver. 6. What restrains him. The Thessalonians knew the obstacle. We also know that it is Jesus Christ.

2:7 For the mystery of iniquity is already at work: only that he who is at present restraining it, does still restrain, until he is gotten out of the way.

Ver. 7. Mystery of iniquity, the evil power of Satan’s threefold prevarication and total Apostasy from God, of which Antichrist is to be the public exponent and champion. He who is at present restraining it. The obstacle is now spoken of as a person. Some point out that Michael the archangel and his heavenly army are obstacles, and this is true, which now prevent the appearance of Antichrist – but the primary obstacle is, as St. Justin Martyr teaches: Jesus Christ Himself; when the great Apostasy is complete, then in effect, Christ is “gotten out of the way.”

2:8 And then that wicked one shall be revealed: whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: him

Ver. 8. When Christ appears in glory, He will inflict defeat and death on Antichrist by a mere word of command.
2:9 Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power and signs and lying wonders:

Ver. 9 – 10. By the aid of Satan Antichrist will perform prodigies which men will falsely regard as miracles, and by means of which they will be led to adopt sinful practices.

2:10 And with all wicked deception to those who are perishing. For they have not received the love of truth that they might be saved.
2:11 Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying:

Ver. 11. God shall send. . .That is God shall suffer them to be deceived by lying wonders, and false miracles, in punishment of their not entertaining the love of truth.
Ver. 11. 'God sends.' God will allow their willful rejection of truth to have its natural results of spiritual blindness, impenitence and damnation. A misleading influence, or, “a delusion.” The operation of error - the Greek reads: "energian planes" or literally the energy of delusion, which is exactly and actually the fallen spirits of the devils and demons conjured by pagan religion, especially by idolatry. NOW, currently, the Assisi delusion of the Apostates, Ratzinger and Wojtyla and many others present with them, is a very real and prime example. To give oneself over to this is to invite utter and complete damnation of oneself by God.
2:12 That all may be judged who have not believed the truth but have consented to iniquity.

2:13 But we ought to give thanks to God always for you, brethren, beloved of God, for that God hath chosen you firstfruits unto salvation, in sanctification of the spirit and faith of the truth:
Ver. 13. First-fruits, i.e., earliest believers in the gospel. Some manuscripts read: “from the beginning.” That is, God called them from all eternity.
2:14 Whereunto also he hath called you by our gospel, unto the purchasing of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2:15 Therefore, brethren, stand fast: and hold the teachings, which you have learned, whether by word or by our epistle.
Ver. 15. Teachings, i.e., his teachings whether given orally or in writing. Concerning Apostolic teaching – the oral is included in the written at the point we have the whole New Testament complete, i.e. with the completion of St. John’s Gospel.
2:16 Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God and our Father, who hath loved us and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope in grace,

2:17 Exhort your hearts and confirm you in every good work and word.

St. Irenaeus

St. Irenaeus
St. Irenaeus Against Heresies and the warning against the Antichrist - click on picture

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Double Eagles of Osiria-Mesopotamia Graeco-Egyptienne Cretan-Minoan Rome
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Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ appeared in the Holy Land, Canaan, and from there the Gospel spread throughout the world. 

Will you leave me too? - Paganism is damned


65 But there are some of you that believe not.  For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that did not believe, and who he was that would betray him.
66 And he said: Therefore did I say to you, that no man can come to me, unless it be given him by my Father.
67 After this many of his disciples went back: and walked no more with him.

68 Then Jesus said to the twelve: Will you also go away?

68 Then Jesus said to the twelve: Will you also go away?
69 And Simon Peter answered him: Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.
70 And we have believed and have known that thou art the Christ, the Son of God.

68 Then Jesus said to the twelve: Will you also go away? - These are perhaps the most ominous words in the New Testament. They are a direct affirmation to free will in the most negative fashion. If the disciples had chosen not to follow Jesus and He finished His life here on earth with people having chosen not to believe and spread the Gospel, one thing is for ABSOLUTE certain: this world would not be here now. If the human race had rejected salvation the way the Jews did, the heavens would have burned with supernatural fire a long time ago and whatever God would have brought to pass after that, this fallen world would have been just a forgotten evil and long gone. That is how ominous the statement of Our Beloved and Only Immortal Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the Son of God who became God in the flesh for our salvation is. What that has to do with the present is also most ominous. People in droves are choosing not to believe or to believe in false gospels instead. The effect will be terrible - it will be the Great Tribulation and then the Second Coming of Christ and eternal judgment by the Lord Jesus Christ of all men, the damned among men cast into hell with the Devil and all the devils and demons forever. This creation belongs to God and He brooks NO usurpers.

The worst false Gospel is the idea spawned by the Devil that the Perfidous Apostate Jews are still the people of God, and are chosen and elect and pleasing to Him. That is a lie from the utterly vile absolutely blasphemous murderous always lying mouth of Satan from the depths of eternal damnation in hell. Its only purpose is to lead people to hell to share eternal damnation with the Devil. Those who heed it and embrace it are going straight into eternal damnation.

It has become fashionable to speak of God and His Christ as "a" reality among realities - that is Apostasy and nothing else. People speak of good and evil as relative and the ultimate form of that is to make the absolutely utterly blasphemous false assertion, instigated by Satan, that God and the Devil are "two sides of the same coin." This DAMNED LIE is the basis of many pagan religions, Buddhism, for instance, which claims that God and gods and the Devil and devils are interchangeable temporary manifestations of the universal entity, which their esoteric core then reveals as the Triple Dragon (Dainichi Nyorai in Japanese. The core of that is the "great white serpent in the abyss" which is the literal English for the actual Sanskrit - i.e. it is Satan and no other is meant by them). The hermetic base for this same thing in the West is "Deus est daemon inversus" - literally "God is the devil inverted." That is the most damned lie from Satan who is the Devil, the Serpent of old - it is the original lie in the garden of Eden. It is also the base for the Jews' Lurianic Cabalism and the Talmudic en sof and Western Hermeticism and magic and is the base as well for khufar occult blasphemies against God which are contrary to Qur'anic Islam which profess the Holy Triune God same as Christians do. It all comes historically from Nimrud's false religion of Devil worship at the Tower of Babel. The Double Eagles or Double Axes (or Double Fasces in the Roman version) are all emblems of the Houses of the Dragon throughout the world's governments - which are throughout the ages the political arm of the Antichrist opposition to God. In the modern world, Freemasonry is the summation of this both religious and political.



The Devil's Hupocritos (double faced liars) all have their home in the Houses of the Dragon where Zionism and Communism and the New World Order and apostate Vatican II Ecumenism all have their root and home: Freemasonry, the Gnostic pool of iniquity of the Antichrist.

Archaeological note: in a twist of sardonic irony, Turkish damn projects are destroying the sites that hold not only post flood, even relatively modern Graeco Roman as well as earlier, but pre-Noah's flood remains directly related to the history of the very beginning of history (our first parents, Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and their immediate descendants) as well. They are now under water again - but man-made this time.

British Museum
click on picture to see enlarged - notice the king, Nimrud, shown above Satan's tree of knowledge of good and evil as a winged god - this prefigures the Antichrist's attempt in the future to try to ascend into heaven in vain Satanic false imitation of the Ascension into heaven of the Only True God-man, Our only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

This earliest of cylinder seals shows a pre-flood scene which later at the time of Nimrud in Mesopotamia was pressed on this cylinder seal and was applied to Nimrud himself. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is the forbidden tree, Satan in the Garden of Eden lying and promising secret occult knowledge of God and causing our first parents to sin when they chose to follow the Devil – source of all the Devil’s mischief known as Kabbalah, is shown with two ministers of Nimrud the Osirian king and the Double Eagles of Satan’s houses of the Dragon. The Eagle wings, in later Egypt, were the wings of Osiria Isis. (Osirus – Osiria – Assyria – Mesopotamia)

Genesis 10:9 And he [Nimrud] was a stout hunter before the Lord. Hence came a proverb: Even as Nimrud the stout hunter before the Lord.
10 And the beginning of his kingdom was Babylon [Babel and its tower], and Arach [Uruk], and Achad, and Chalanne in the land of Sennaar[Shinar - Mesopotamia].
11 Out of that land came forth Assur, and built Ninive, and the streets of the city, and Chale.
12 Resen also between Ninive and Chale: this is the great city.

The earliest recorded writing of men on earth are the cylinder seals, pictographs with glyphs, beginning with Nimrud in the cities he founded 4,000 to 3,500 B.C. dated both by Septuagint Old Testament and Archaeology at the same time. These cities are according to both the Bible and Archaeology the oldest cities on earth. The cylinder seals, beginning with the oldest ever found which are those from Nimrud’s city of Uruk, are according to both the Bible and Archaeology the beginning of writing by men on earth. All other writing including the Egyptian hieroglyphs are later and descended from this. The most ancient Chinese characters are a later descent from the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Sir John Garstang was the first modern Archaeologist to find these sites. He did so by simply following the Bible to where the Holy Bible said they were. He found without error that the Bible was 100% accurate in its locations and dating of the all the sites in the Sacred Scripture from God.

The seven mountain system of Nimrud was the first post flood mountain system of paganism on earth, made in imitation of the seven mountains of Paradise. The seven mountain system of Nimrud and those seven mountain systems after it, also of paganism, are all condemned by God and the seven mountains of Jerusalem subverted to worship of Satan is utterly condemned by God as well.

At this time when the end of the ages is approaching ever faster, the Devil is bringing all of his diabolic power to bear throughout the earth to mark men with the Mark of the Beast which is the Mark of all the Devil's kingdoms since time began.

Those who take the mark are damned by God forever.


This also as you go from article to article will explain the seven mountain systems and the ages of the world and more as well.
The Mark, the Name, the Number of the beast and the Tower of Babel = Ecumenism

Double Eagle winged on Double Lion – 3rd Millenium B.C. Mesopotamia (circa 1,000 - 1,500 years after Noah - Septuagint dating). Votive relief of Ur-Nanshe
Votive relief of Ur-Nanshe, king of Lagash, representing the bird-god Anzu (or Im-dugud) as a lion-headed eagle. Early Dynastic III (2550-2500 BC). Found in Telloh, ancient city of Girsu. | Located in: Musee du Louvre.

English: Votive relief of Ur-Nanshe, king of Lagash, representing the bird-god Anzu (or Im-dugud) as a lion-headed eagle. Alabaster, Early Dynastic III (2550–2500 BC). Found in Telloh, ancient city of Girsu.
Louvre Museum

français : Relief votif d'Ur-Nanshe, roi de Lagash, représentant l'oiseau-tempête divin Anzû (ou Im-dugud) en aigle léontocéphale. Albâtre, Dynasties Archaïques III (2550-2500 av. J.-C.). Découvert à Tello, ancienne cité de Girsu.
Musee du Louvre.

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Freemasonry in Communist Russia and Vatican II

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Freemasonry, the Gnostic pool of iniquity of the Antichrist.

Double Headed Eagle: Scottish Rite of Canada

By Ill. Bro. John V. Lawer, 33°, PSGC
Copied from his article on the Symbols of the Scottish Rite
as printed in the 2011 Edition of the Clarion
The double headed eagle has an ancient lineage. Known then as the storm bird, it was the symbol of power of the great Sumerian city of Lagash on the Tigris River five thousand years ago. It has been said that no heraldic bearing, no emblematic device anywhere today can boast such antiquity.

As empires rose and fell the symbol followed the conquerors north and west through Mesopotamia to the men of Akkad and to Babylon, and, with the Hittites into Anatolia, where it became the standard of the Seljuk Turks with the crowning of Tugrul Beg at Mosul in 1058 as King of the East and the West. In the Roman Empire the consul Marius, shortly before the birth of Christ, consecrated the eagle to be the sole standard at the head of every legion, and thus it became the symbol of Roman imperial power.
The single eagle remained the symbol of the Empire for several centuries after the de facto division of the Empire into an eastern and western Roman Empire following the dedication, on May 11, 330, of its eastern capital named in honour of its founder, the Emperor Constantine the Great, and the later defeat of the last of the Emperors in the West, Romulus Augustulus at Ravenna in 476.

Indeed, it remained so even after the Papacy claimed to revive the Western Empire when Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne, King of the Franks, as Emperor, at Rome, on Christmas Day in the year 800.

In the Eastern Empire it was the Emperor Isaacius Comnenus, who was born in Paphlagonia in Asia Minor, who first adopted the double headed eagle as the symbol of empire, and it is interesting to note that he did so at almost the same time as the Seljuk Turks adopted it at Mosul. It was the conquest of Palestine by the Seljuk Turks and their harassment of Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land which led to the Crusades.

It has been said that it was the Crusaders who introduced the double headed eagle into Western Europe. If they did not see it in battle with the Turks they certainly would have seen it with their complicity in the Venetian-Papal scheme which diverted the Fourth Crusade to the sack of Constantinople in 1204.

After the recapture of Constantinople in 1261 by the Emperor Michael VIII Paliologos, with the aid of the Genoese, the double headed eagle was restored as the symbol of the Byzantine royal family and state until the City and Empire fell to the Ottoman Turks under Sultan Mohammed II in 1453.

From 1472, when Ivan III, Grand Duke of Moscow, married Sophia Paliologo, niece of the last Byzantine Emperor, the double headed eagle became the symbol of the “Third Rome,” and subsequently of the Russian Empire from 1721 to 1917. Today it is the Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation.

In the West a claim to the right to display the double headed eagle of Byzantium was made as early as 972 upon the marriage of the Emperor Otto 1 with the niece of the Byzantine Emperor Ionnis Tzimiskes. From about the middle of the thirteenth century it became the arms of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. Following the dissolution of the Empire by Napoleon in 1806 its use was perpetuated by Austria.

The double headed eagle was probably first introduced into Freemasonry in 1763 when a Body calling itself the Council of the Emperors of the East West was established in Paris.

The appendix to the traditional history of the Scottish Rite, as set forth in the Grand Constitutions of 1786, by whomsoever and wherever they were written, said to have been promulgated in the name and in the presence of Frederick II (the Great), King of Prussia, on May 1 of that year, describes the Standard of the Order as bearing a double headed eagle surmounted by the Golden Crown of Prussia.

Despite the fact that the Prussian eagle was a single eagle facing left and that Frederick II did not have it in his power to confer the double headed eagle, - indeed, he had spent most of his life fighting the two empires - Austria and Russia, both of which claimed the double headed eagle as their own, and that some Supreme Councils, - such as England and Wales, - simply refer to it as a Crown, the Supreme Council of Canada has seen fit to retain the reference to the double headed eagle and the Golden Prussian Crown, content to recognize Frederick the Great as the traditional patron of the Scottish Rite.

The Symbol of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada is a double headed eagle, its wings displayed, ensigned of a Prussian crown, perched on a sword fessway Argent, hilt and pommel to the dexter. From the sword is draped a scroll bearing the motto “Deus Meumque Jus.”

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada
The Official Double Headed Eagles of AASR of Canada
The Symbol of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada is a double-headed eagle, its wings displayed uplifted, surmounted by a Prussian crown, perched on a sword fessways Argent, hilt and pommel to the dexter. From the sword is draped a scroll bearing the motto: "DEUS MEUMQUE JUS".*Note: This symbol represents the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada. Each of the three bodies have their own symbol and the Supreme Council 33° exclusive symbol is below.

The emblematic eagle of the Inspector-General of the Thirty-third Degree is similar to the above, except the head and body is silver, uplifted wings and tail are gold. The eagle is perched on a sword fessways Argent hilt and pommel to the dexter. The double-headed eagle displays Argent wings and tail and the Prussian Crown surmounts the head of the eagle. A white Escrol, the same outlined in black, with the escrol returns in red bearing the motto: "DEUS MEUMQUE JUS"*Note: Coat of Arms graphic above is to be used by Supreme Council 33° only.

Russian Coat of Arms

Russian Coat of Arms

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image by Eugene Ipavec, 14 July 2006

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Present coat of arms was adopted on 30 November 1993 with the Decree of the President #2050. The arms: red shield, golden double-headed eagle with scepter, orb and three crowns. Silver horseman is in red escutcheon. Author of drawing — Evgeny Ukhnalyov from St.Petersburg. The horseman is not St. George. Russia is not a christian-only country, there are many muslims, buddhists and other. That’s why the authors decided not to name the horseman as “Saint”. The comission to design the arms was created on 16 November 1993, the comission was led by R. Pikhoya, state archivist of Russia. In 1991 double-headed eagle (without crowns), breast-shield, scepter nor orb was drawn on coins. The arms may be used without red shield (article 2, Regulation on State Coat of Arms). Later this arms was named “coat of arms of The Bank of Russia”.
Victor Lomantsov, 10 Nov 1999
The horseman on historical russian arms (and on the arms of Moscow too) is St. George. In official description of modern arms of Russia (1993) the horseman became simply a «horseman» as a tribute to the muslim population, but he “looks like” St.George. Some heraldists want to rename back «horseman» to «St. George».
Victor Lomantsov, 10 Nov 2000
I suppose that there’s a (legal?) prescription which specifically says that the dragon slaying rider on the russian arms is not St. George, in order not to ostracize some 10% of the citizens of Russia who are not christians.
António Martins, 09 Nov 2000
If it isn’t St. George, one misses the reference to Moscow’s patron saint in Georgiy Zhukov, the latter-day savior of Moscow, riding a white horse through Red Square over the captured Nazi regalia. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional on Stalin’s part, but I’ve been told the Muscovites certainly caught the association of images.
Joe McMillan, 11 Nov 2000

I located the official version of the Russian Coat of Arms. Source: PC Screenshot of the Official website of the President of the Russian Federation (http://www.president.kremlin.ru/eng/articles/state_insignia_03_3.shtml)
Esteban Rivera 11 Jul 2006


The current Russian coat of arms differs from the imperial one. Now it is red with a golden eagle, back then the shield was golden with ablack eagle. And there are neither the chain of St. Andrew Order, nor the six arms on the wings anymore.
Carsten Linke, 02 May 1996, and Norman M. Martin, 05 Dec 1997
Another difference between the current coat of arms of the Russian Federation and the coat of arms of Imperial Russia is that today, the centre arms of St. George is mirrored. The “czarist” knight shows his left flank, riding to the heraldic right side; modern St. George is seen from the opposite side, riding to the left.
Stephan Gorski, 28 Sep 1998



The Russian coat of arms is formally the golden eagle and all it’s charges on a red shield (with no other elements) — much the same way that the Imperial coat of arms (before 1917) was the black eagle (with slightly different charges) on a golden shield.
António Martins, 01 Apr 1999
Ancient russian coins had the drawings of a horseman with a spear since XIII c. Greater State Seal of Grand Duke Ivan III (1497) had the drawing of a horseman killing a dragon too. A horseman was a symbol of a Defender of Motherland. Since the times of czar Ivan IV Groznyi a horseman was situated on the breast of double-headed eagle, the state coat of arms. In that times the horseman was «a portrait of the czar». He had a crown and (sometimes) a mantle. Later, in times of czar Alexei Mikhaylovich, the horseman on the eagle’s breast became the portrait of crown-successor (for example, in official description of russian seal and coat of arms of 1667). Western travellers usually perceived the horseman as St. George. Many russians did it too (because he looks like famous orthodox icon St. George and Dracon). He officially become St. George in 1730 (Decree of Empress, description of coat of arms). Now St. George is Coat of Arms of Moscow.
Victor Lomantsov, 16 Aug 2000
It’s definition: "St. George-Pobedonosec", which means "victor".
Michael Simakov, 09 Nov 2000
In Meyers Konversations-Lexikon 1889 I found the following description of the Russian coat of arms:

On a golden shield a black, twoheaded, triple-crowned eagle with red beak and talons and spreaded out wings, holding the golden sceptre in his right, the golden imperial orb in his left talon; on the breast the Moscow coat of arms: St. George on horseback, piercing the dragon [lindwurm]. On every wing of the eagle there are three shields: the coat of arms of Astrakhan, Novgorod and Kiev on the right, the arms of Siberia, Kazan and Vladimir on the left one. The eagle is surrounded by the chain of the St. Andrew Order and headed by the imperial crown with two blue bands bordered golden.
Further it said, that the coat of arms was adopted in 1497 by Tsar Ivan III, who took the Byzantinian twoheaded eagle and improved it with the arms of Moscow.
Carsten Linke, 02 May 1996
The two major symbolic elements of Russian vexillography [the two-headed eagle and St. George slaying the dragon] which predate Peter I [the Great] were both considered Russian state arms. The older form (a mounted dragon slayer known as George the Victorious) was always associated with the Grand Duchy of Moscovy, later becoming the official arms of the city of Moscow. The earliest graphic representation of a rider with a spear (1390) figures in a seal of the prince of Moscow, Vasilii Dimitriyevich. The serpent or dragon was added under Ivan III (1462-1505), probably to represent the Christians of Russia defeating the pagan hordes of the east — Russia’s traditional enemy, the Tatars.
The familiar Russian double-headed eagle was in fact a foreign symbol, adopted to demonstrate the imperial pretensions of the Russian Tsars beginning with Ivan III (the Great) in 1497. … Ivan married Zoe Paleolog whose uncle Constantine had been the last Byzantine emperor. … From 1497 on the double-headed eagle proclaimed Russian sovereignty over East and West…
Nick Artimovich 06 May 1996, quoting [smi75b]
The colours of Moscow coat of arms were settled in the 18th century. Before 1730 various colours were used. After 1730 the shield became red, the dragon — black, the cape of St. George — yellow. Only in 1856 the cape became blue! I think colours of the coat of arms of Moscow are based on national flag, and not the other way around.
Victor Lomantsov, 10 Nov 1999
I have seen the Russian coat of arms displayed both with and without a shield behind the eagle. I believe that this is true for all the eagle-arms that stem from Roman Imperial Eagle. At least I am sure for Austro-Hungarian one, which was more often represented without the (yellow) shield behind it then with it. I believe it is also true of German arms, and most of arms of kingdoms in Balkan.
Željko Heimer, 06 Dec 1997, and Ossi Raivio, 05 Dec 1997



Archeologists found on russian territory many mongol coins (Gold Orda coins, 1330-1350) with double-headed eagle. Some russian local princes copied mongol coins with eagle (for example, Mikhail, prince of Tver principality, coin of 1486).
Victor Lomantsov, 14 Apr 2000
The eagle, facing both east and west, was an old byzantine emblem (of roman origin?), with whom the tsar was linked by marriage. This eagle is also found in some balkanic coats of arms (Serbia and Albania come to mind).
António Martins, 13 Apr 2000
The arms on the wings of the russian imperial arms are (clockwise starting from the heads):
  1. Kingdom of Astrakhan
  2. Kingdom of Siberia [actually, the arms of Novosibirsk]
  3. Kingdom of Georgia
  4. Grand Duchy of Finland
  5. Grand Duchies of
    1. Kiev
    2. Vladimir
    3. Novgorod
  6. Kherson and Taurida
  7. Kingdom of Poland
  8. Kingdom of Kazan
(I have followed European custom in translating "Knyaz" as "Duke", although many historians say "Prince" would be better.) The escutcheon is the Grand Duchy of Moscow. Note that the Dynastic Arms (Romanov-Gottorp) does not appear in the Small State Arms (Maliy Gosudarstvenniy Gerb) but does however appear on the Great State Arms (Bolshoy Gosudarstvenniy Gerb) of the Russian Empire.
Norman Martin, 18 Jul 1998



It may be noted that the figure of St. George killing the Dragon (not under that name, of course) is found in many pre-christian symbols and sources of various peoples that was living or passed though great plains, not only Slavic but other Indo-European and others too. The legend can be traced back to “primordial” miths of many nations. It is often deep rooted and local population often regard the “story” as it’s own.
Željko Heimer, 17 Aug 2000
Ancient russian coins had the drawings of a horseman with a spear since XIII c. Big State Seal of Grand Duke Ivan III (1497) had the drawing of a horseman killing a dragon too. A horseman was a symbol of a Defender of Motherland. Since the times of czar Ivan IV Groznyi a horseman was situated on the breast of double-headed eagle, the state coat of arms. In that times the horseman was «the portrait of the czar». He had a crown and (sometimes) a mantle. Later, in times of czar Alexei Mikhaylovich, the horseman on the eagle’s breast became the portrait of crown-successor (for example, in official description of russian seal and coat of arms of 1667). Western travellers usually perceived the horseman as St.George. Many russians did it too (because he looks like famous orthodox icon St. George and the Dragon). He officially become St. George in 1730 (Decree of Empress, description of coat of arms). Now St. George is Coat of Arms of Moscow.
Victor Lomantsov, 16 Aug 2000
First seal of Ivan III with horseman killing a dragon dated 1479. Russians had begun name the horseman like St.George since XVIII c (officially since 1730). Before it the horseman was «tsar», later (in times of tsar Alexei, father of Peter I) he was «heir» in official documents.
Victor Lomantsov, 14 Apr 2000
Known from seals dated between 1390 and 1423 the knight (without the dragon) appeared together the eagle on the seal of Ivan III in 1497. One figure was on the obverse, the other on the reverse of the seal. It is likely that the knight represented the czar himself, in the Byzantine meaning of Imperator debellator hostium. Because he was represented killing the dragon, this lead to identificate him in S. George, but in the description of the seal of Ivan IV (1562) it is still said «a man on a horse». Still the 1667 official blasoning of the coat of arms says of him as the «heir» [of the Byzantine throne]. Following modern russian heralds (f.e. Elena I. Kamanceva) the knight was the «symbolic representation of russian wars in defending the homeland from the enemies». The main colors were blue for the knight dress, white for the horse and red for the background. So it is likely that white, blue and red colors derived, as in many other cases, from the coat of arms.
Mario Fabretto, 27 Nov 1998, based on [zig94], [sto74] and [fow69]

The Double Eagles of the most ancient post flood abomination of desolation is from Mesopotamia, home of Nimrud's challenge to God to see who is supreme, the tower of Babel. Nimrud is dead and in hell and the tower is dust. God destroyed both of course and He lives and rules over all and always has and always will. The Double Eagles of Satanism, the total base of Freemasonry, spread from Mesopotamia throughout the world. God will cast all of that into hell forever.

There are hundreds of thousands of double eagles used as symbols of the ancient houses of the dragon in total and eternal war against God and His Truth and Law throughout the world from the beginning of History.

Here are just a few.

click on picture to enlarge
Turkey, Alaja Huyuk - Hittite temple carving. Double Eagles. 14th Century Anatolian progression from Egypt and Mesopotamia to Far East via the Hittites of Anatolia.

Detail below

Sphinx gate of Alaca Hüyük 14th c. BC
Sphinx gate of Alaca Hüyük 14th c. BC. Ruler standing on a two-headed eagle catching two rabbits.

Map of that time:

In ancient Rome (the Double Eagles from Egypt to Crete and then to Rome) it was the Double Fasces or Axes, seen here from the side.

In ancient China and from there to Korea and Japan, the Buddhist Dragon - the Dainichi Nyorai or triple Dragon is Satan trying to masquerade as the Holy Trinity of the Bible.

Ancient Scythian Double Eagles

Ancient Persian Persepolis Double Griffin (Double Eagle headed Lion)

Medieval Bulgarian Double Eagles

Hapsburg Double Eagles

Vatican Double Eagles

Nazi Germany (Double Assyro-Egyptian wings of Isis) Eagle

Freemasonic Double Eagles - the light they speak of is only Satan transforming himself into an angle of light - totally false.

Ancient Egyptian Double Eagles - Egypt via a variety of symbols and religious practices was connected as was Mesopotamia to the Far East - note the same head of the eagle here as the Buddhist Dragon.

Cairo Lodge. Freemasonry in its second ancient home, Egypt (the first is Mesopotamia).

In Europe all of the Freemasonic connections (all of which are summed up in British Royal Arch Freemasonry), which are the Houses of the Dragon and are Zionism and are Communism and are the supposed Al Qaeda and are the supposed Sharia and are the liberation theologians and are the Vatican Ecumenists and are the so called Orthodox Church and its underground connections in Khuffar non-Islam and its false Mahdi. See bottom for example of Drozdov ("blackbird" - KGB name of, with KGB Colonel Valdimir Putin's diabolic non-blessing upon, Alexus II, the former Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Apostate Communist non-Church) style KGB/FSB infiltration into the Middle East, see: False Mahdi Communist Freemason manipulated Khuffar in the Middle EastBelow

In Europe they are well aware of all of this:

Two-headed eagle emblem of the Byzantine Empire (Roman Empire) on a Red Shield – Today this is the Russian coat of arms. Rothschild means RED SHIELD. The double-headed eagle first originated in the mighty Sumerian city of Lagash. It is the oldest crest in the world. It was a symbol of power more than two thousand years before the building of King Solomon’s Temple.

Vladimir Putin has a long history as a Royal Arch Freemason. Putin’s mother was Jewish but converted to Russian Orthodoxy. In 2006, Pop star Madonna dined with Putin and performed a mock crucifixion during her concert. The Russian Orthodox church bitterly protested and described the concert as a “Satanic Orgy”. No country is truly a democracy unless they are open to Madonna and the gay, Jewish, throw away fashion mafia and multiculturalism that follow in her wake.

2010: Putin cracks down on Anti-Immigrant protests. Soccer hooligans and Russian nationalists are being targeted by Czar Putin’s counter-extremism task force.

written by Joe

Putin’s Russia — Illuminati Controlled & Corrupt

By “Sonja”

(In Moscow, Exclusive)

People in the West see Putin and Russia through the rose colored glasses [provided by the mass media.] Well, the reality is not rose colored at all.

After gangsterism and anarchy of Eltsin’s reign, people wanted “a strong hand”. And here comes Putin. In the first place everybody was suspicious. Within half-year he rose from a little-known bureaucrat to Prime Minister and President. He was appointed by Eltsin himself.

Who is Putin? He is a former KGB officer. Was born in S-Pete in a simple family of workers. His mother was Jewish. When he came to power he said: “We have to clean the mess”. KGB was given a new name of FSB (transliteration from Russian). FSB stands for Federal Security Service. That’s a key word in Russia. Its key meaning is corruption. Because the FSB rules.

We a have a hidden government of FSB. Well, in fact it’s not so secret anymore because everyone knows that FSB are legal bandits. They are behind all Russian oligarchs with their multi-billion fortunes. I don’t know the names of FSB bosses – they are never said out loud – but I know that at all levels FSB officials are corrupt.


Even the lowest ranks are corrupt. We have a joke in Russia: “Being a FSB official is a disease”. I have an example. A friend worked for a pharmaceutical company located in Moscow. One day (in May 2007) he had to urgently leave on business. He said he was flying to Dubai. Only three months later I learned that it was not Dubai but Mauritius.

The real story was as follows. The boss of the company received a phone call from a FSB official who demanded a sum of one million euros. He just said: “We want a million euros or we close your company”. So the boss and my friend (who was a Deputy Director) flew to Mauritius to transfer the income of the company offshore so that formally they have no income in Moscow.

In Russian we call [this extortion] the “the roof”. You pay to the roof and it doesn’t leak. “The roof” is normally represented by some official. In Eltsin’s time “the roof” were real bandits. In Putin’s time, they are [government] authorities. The question is the amount of money you have in your company.

Russia is impregnated with corruption. Police are corrupt, law are corrupt, anybody who holds an official post is corrupt. The higher the post, the bigger the bribes.
But Putin pretended to be cleaning the mess. He chased out some oligarchs (who are generally hated by Russian people). He let people have as many bank loans as they want and again, like with Eltsin, there was an illusion of change for the better. It was nothing but illusion.

And the way Russia is trying to pull through the economic crisis proves it.

Well, Putin is a very rich man now. Despite claims that he has nothing to do with business, he has his hand in resources (especially oil). Roman Abramovich (Russian billionaire currently living in London) is his associate. We call him Putin’s cashier. By the way, some time ago there was a buzz in the press about Putin constructing for himself a luxury temple somewhere in Switzerland.

When he makes reports on TV he always blathers away about some mystical economic growth. There is no economic growth in Russia. One understands that as soon as he drives out of Moscow. Shabby houses, bad roads, the premises of former factories are let for rent to sell China-made stuff. What was not robbed, works on dilapidated equipment that dates back to the seventies.

In 1991 Russian government began to sell oil to the West. Not a cent of this money has been invested into Russian economy. Part of the oil money goes on imported goods and the rest (which I figure is the biggest part) goes into the pocket of bosses who sit on the oil pipe.

The Russian government are no fools. They know that the policy they pursue is murderous for Russia. They do it on purpose. They are killing the country. It’s part of the elite’s plans. The next step, according to Zbigniew Bzrezinski is to split Russia into seven regions. They don’t talk about it yet. But it’s the agenda. They’ll do to Russia, what they did to the USSR.

In the meantime PR campaigns for the Russian President work beautifully. They portray him as “a man of strong hand”. Russian people are duped again. The only thing that is good about Putin is that he doesn’t drink and can make more or less comprehensible sentences. Ah, I forget. He took English lessons for five years. Good boy.


Putin is a pawn like Yeltsin or Gorbachev. He never makes a single decision without Washington permission. He is a corrupt official who does exactly what the world’s elite wants him to. He lies to Russians about economic growth while stuffing his pockets with money.

Presidential elections in Russia are fake. Presidents are not elected – they are appointed. Current president Medvedev is Putin’s associate. The scenario for him: he will not live up to Russian people’s expectations, he will be blamed for crisis and he will go in three years. His part is a scape-goat for the current economic crash in Russia. Most likely that Putin will be back.

I wonder how people still believe this political theater.
Next time I’ll give some more examples as to “what really happens in Russia”.

False Mahdi Communist Freemason manipulated Khuffar in the Middle East.
Madinah returns to the centre stage in Akhir al Zamaan

Monday, 21 Rajab 1433

Madinah 1343(H): Out Of Dajjal’s Ottoman Frying Pan and into Dajjal’s Saudi­-Wahhabi Fire

In just another 10 years from now in the month of Rabi al­Thani 1443 the world of Islam will mark the 100th anniversary of the transfer of power in Makkah from the Ottoman Turks to the Arab Sultan ‘Abd al­’Aziz Ibn Saud. Troops loyal to the Sultan of Najd conquered Makkah in the month of Rabi al­Thani 1343 (i.e., October 30th 1924 in Pope Gregory’s western Christian Catholic calendar) in consequence of which ‘Abd al­’Aziz eventually proclaimed himself Sultan of Najd and King of Hejaz.

In 10 years from now it will also be a hundred years since Makkah and Madinah were taken out of Dajjal’s

Ottoman frying pan only to enter into Dajjal’s Saudi­-Wahhabi fire. Let there be no doubt in the reader’s mind that after having shamelessly aligned Saudi Arabia with the Zionist Anglo­American Judeo­Christian alliance for the longest while, Saudi Arabia’s leaders have now made that State a strategic ally of the Zionist State of Israel. And hence it is clear that they work for al­ Masih al ­Dajjal, i.e., Dajjal the false Messiah or Anti­-Christ. This is perhaps the implication of the vision in which Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) saw Dajjal making Tawaf around the Ka’aba. There is also considerable evidence that the Ottomans acted, consciously or unconsciously, on Dajjal’s behalf by rendering considerable assistance to western Christianity. They did so by repeatedly plunging a vicious and venomous knife for some 600 years into the heart of its rival, i.e. eastern Christianity or Rum. This was in accord with Dajjal’s agenda since it was western Christians who made an alliance with Jews, and it is that alliance which brought Israel into being. Rum never made such an alliance with the Jews! The predictable result was intense hatred for Islam and hostility towards Muslims on the part of those in Rum who suffered so unjustly and for so long a period of time. Both the Ottoman State, as well as Saudi Arabia, mysteriously and wickedly disregarded the prophecy of the blessed Prophet that Muslims will make an End­Time alliance with eastern Christianity or Rum. Hence both the Ottomans as well as the Saudi­-Wahhabis rendered strategic assistance to Dajjal.

The Ottoman Empire conquered and occupied much of the Arab world – including the Hejaz – and succeeded in transferring the capital of the Khilafah (Caliphate) – for the first time ever – out of the Arab world to the former Christian Byzantine city of Constantinople in Euro­Asia. The Ottomans hardly had any credentials to rule over the heart­land of Islam. Yet, in accordance with Dajjal’s plan, they did so for more than 400 years until a European­ engineered Arab Spring dismantled Ottoman rule, destroyed the institution of the Khilafah, and installed pro­western rulers over the Arabs (including the Hijaz). The destruction of the Khilafah and transfer of power to pro­western Arab rulers paved the way for a State of Israel to be successfully established in a Holy Land that was located in the very heart of the Arab world. Without 400 years of imperial Ottoman rule over the Arabs, followed by that ‘Arab Spring’, the Zionist State of Israel could never have been established. Sharif al-­Husain, the Ottoman­ appointed Arab Sharif of Makkah, did claim the Khilafah for himself, in response to the Turkish abolition of the Khilafah, but it was too late for an Arab Khilafah to be restored. Britain used ‘Abd al­’Aziz Ibn Saud to make short work of that short­lived Arab Khilafah and to then ensure that the Khilafah of Islam could never be restored so long as the Saudi­ Wahhabis controlled the Hejaz. Husain had to flee, and the subsequent Saudi­Wahhabi rule over the Hejaz ensured (from a British view) that the Khilafah remained permanently buried – never to be restored (see my book entitled ‘The Caliphate the Hijaz and the Saudi­ Wahhabi Nation­State’ on my website: http://imranhosein.org/books/126-the-caliphate-the-hijaz-and-the-saudi-wahabi-nation-state.html



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