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Luke Chapter 19

The words of Our Only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in red.

19:10 "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost."
19:11 As they were hearing these things, he added and spoke a parable, because he was nigh to Jerusalem and because they thought that the kingdom of God should immediately be manifested.
19:12 He said therefore: "a certain nobleman went into a far country, to receive for himself a kingdom and to return.
19:13 And calling his ten servants, he gave them ten pounds and said to them: Trade till I come.
19:14 But his citizens hated him and they sent an delegation after him, saying: 'We will not have this man to reign over us.'
19:15 And it came to pass that he returned, having received the kingdom: and he commanded his servants to be called, to whom he had given the money, that he might know how much every man had gained by trading,
19:16 And the first came saying: 'Lord, thy pound hath gained ten pounds.'
19:17 And he said to him: 'Well done, thou good servant, because thou hast been faithful in a little, thou shalt have power over ten cities.'
19:18 And the second came, saying: 'Lord, thy pound hath gained five pounds.'
19:19 And he said to him: 'Be thou also over five cities.'
19:20 And another came, saying: ' Lord, behold here is thy pound, which I have kept laid up in a napkin.
19:21 For I feared thee, because thou art an austere man: thou takest up what thou didst not lay down: and thou reapest that which thou didst not sow.'
19:22 He saith to him: 'Out of thy own mouth I judge thee, thou wicked servant. Thou knewest that I was an austere man, taking up what I laid not down and reaping that which I did not sow.
19:23 And why then didst thou not give my money into the bank, that at my coming I might have exacted it with usury?'
19:24 And he said to them that stood by: 'Take the pound away from him and give it to him that hath ten pounds.'
19:25 And they said to him: 'Lord, he hath ten pounds.'
19:26 But I say to you that to every one that hath shall be given, and he shall abound: and from him that hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken from him.
19:27 But as for those my enemies, who would not have me reign over them, bring them hither and slay them in my presence."
19:28 And having said these things, he went before, going up to Jerusalem.
19:29 And it came to pass, when he was come nigh to Bethphage and Bethania, unto the mount called Olivet, he sent two of his disciples,
19:30 Saying: "Go into the town which is over against you, at your entering into which you shall find the colt of an ass tied, on which no man ever hath sitten: loose it and bring it.
19:31 And if any man shall ask you: 'Why are you loosing it?' You shall say thus unto him: Because the Lord hath need of it.' "
19:32 And they that were sent went their way and found the colt standing, as he said unto them.
19:33 And as they were loosing the colt, the owners thereof said to them: "Why are you loosing it?
19:34 But they said: "Because the Lord has need of it."
19:35 And they brought it to Jesus. And casting their cloaks over the colt, they set Jesus on it.
19:36 And as he went, they spread their cloaks upon the road.
19:37 And when he was drawing near, being now at the descent of the Mount of Olives, the whole company of his disciples began to rejoice and to praise God with a loud voice, for all the miracles that they had seen,
19:38 Saying: "Blessed is he who comes as king, in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!"
19:39 And some of the Pharisees, from the crowds, said to him: "Master, rebuke thy disciples."
19:40 He said to them: "I tell you that if these keep silence, the stones will cry out."
19:41 And when he drew near, seeing the city, he wept over it, saying:
19:42 "If thou also hadst known, and that in this thy day, the things that are to thy peace: but now they are hidden from thy eyes.
19:43 For the days shall come upon thee: and thy enemies shall cast a trench about thee and compass thee round and straiten thee on every side,
19:44 And beat thee flat to the ground, and thy children who are in thee. And they shall not leave in thee a stone upon a stone: because thou hast not known the time of thy visitation."
19:45 And entering into the temple, he began to cast out them that sold therein and them that bought.
19:46 Saying to them: "It is written: My house is the house of prayer. But you have made it a den of thieves."
19:47 And he was teaching daily in the temple. And the chief priests and the scribes and the rulers of the people sought to destroy him.
19:48 And they found not what to do to him: for all the people were very attentive to hear him.

The Second Epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians

The day of the Lord is not to come till the man of sin be revealed. The apostle's teachings are to be observed.

2:1 And we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and of our gathering together unto him:
2:2 That you be not easily moved from your sense nor be terrified, neither by spirit nor by word nor by epistle. as sent from us, as if the day of the Lord were at hand.

Chap. 2. Ver. 2. Spirit . . . utterance. . . letter indicate three possible sources of their belief that the parousia is imminent. Spirit refers to some falsely claimed revelation, utterance may be a statement of Paul’s which was misunderstood, or wrongly attributed to him, the letter seems to be one forged in Paul’s name.

2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition

Ver. 3. . . The parousia must be preceded by a great apostasy, i.e., a great religious revolt, and the advent of the man of sin, i.e., Antichrist. Son of perdition, one entirely deserving of eternal punishment.

Ver. 3. The day of the Lord will not come. These words have been inserted to complete the sentence, which in the original is elliptical. The expanded reads "Let no man deceive you by any means: for the day of the Lord will not come unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition"

2:4 Who opposeth and is lifted up above all that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God.

Ver. 4. In the temple, that of Apostate Jerusalem which the full consensus of the Church Fathers declare he will rebuild - i.e. the Temple of Remphan; and in the Apostate shell of the former Christian church, which he perverts to his own worship: as the Freemasons have done to the Vatican.

Ver. 4. Antichrist will be characterized by great impiety and pride. He sits in the temple of God, etc. He will aspire to be treated as God and proclaim that he is really God.

2:5 Remember you not that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
2:6 And now you know what restrains him, that he may be revealed in his proper time.

Ver. 6. What restrains him. The Thessalonians knew the obstacle. We also know that it is Jesus Christ.

2:7 For the mystery of iniquity is already at work: only that he who is at present restraining it, does still restrain, until he is gotten out of the way.

Ver. 7. Mystery of iniquity, the evil power of Satan’s threefold prevarication and total Apostasy from God, of which Antichrist is to be the public exponent and champion. He who is at present restraining it. The obstacle is now spoken of as a person. Some point out that Michael the archangel and his heavenly army are obstacles, and this is true, which now prevent the appearance of Antichrist – but the primary obstacle is, as St. Justin Martyr teaches: Jesus Christ Himself; when the great Apostasy is complete, then in effect, Christ is “gotten out of the way.”

2:8 And then that wicked one shall be revealed: whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: him

Ver. 8. When Christ appears in glory, He will inflict defeat and death on Antichrist by a mere word of command.
2:9 Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power and signs and lying wonders:

Ver. 9 – 10. By the aid of Satan Antichrist will perform prodigies which men will falsely regard as miracles, and by means of which they will be led to adopt sinful practices.

2:10 And with all wicked deception to those who are perishing. For they have not received the love of truth that they might be saved.
2:11 Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying:

Ver. 11. God shall send. . .That is God shall suffer them to be deceived by lying wonders, and false miracles, in punishment of their not entertaining the love of truth.
Ver. 11. 'God sends.' God will allow their willful rejection of truth to have its natural results of spiritual blindness, impenitence and damnation. A misleading influence, or, “a delusion.” The operation of error - the Greek reads: "energian planes" or literally the energy of delusion, which is exactly and actually the fallen spirits of the devils and demons conjured by pagan religion, especially by idolatry. NOW, currently, the Assisi delusion of the Apostates, Ratzinger and Wojtyla and many others present with them, is a very real and prime example. To give oneself over to this is to invite utter and complete damnation of oneself by God.
2:12 That all may be judged who have not believed the truth but have consented to iniquity.

2:13 But we ought to give thanks to God always for you, brethren, beloved of God, for that God hath chosen you firstfruits unto salvation, in sanctification of the spirit and faith of the truth:
Ver. 13. First-fruits, i.e., earliest believers in the gospel. Some manuscripts read: “from the beginning.” That is, God called them from all eternity.
2:14 Whereunto also he hath called you by our gospel, unto the purchasing of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2:15 Therefore, brethren, stand fast: and hold the teachings, which you have learned, whether by word or by our epistle.
Ver. 15. Teachings, i.e., his teachings whether given orally or in writing. Concerning Apostolic teaching – the oral is included in the written at the point we have the whole New Testament complete, i.e. with the completion of St. John’s Gospel.
2:16 Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God and our Father, who hath loved us and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope in grace,

2:17 Exhort your hearts and confirm you in every good work and word.

St. Irenaeus

St. Irenaeus
St. Irenaeus Against Heresies and the warning against the Antichrist - click on picture

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Thursday, March 6, 2014



Organised stalking does exist. It is a reality, one that is hidden by the power structure that underlays it. This power structure being made up of government entities indirectly support this activity. The NSA, the pentagon, CIA. In the same way these groups are responsible for the UFO abduction phenomena, in there attempts to implant innocent people for research in IIC satellite system that interfaces implants with centralized technology. Of course implants/UFOs/secret experimentation is relegated to the ‘bizzare’ realm of quesi-entertainment, and this is simply done through media controls.

Weapons experimentation, PSYOPS, use gang stalking to control the victims, eliminate their credibility, and make way for a risk free playing feild that will end in the termination of the victim through induced suicide.

Of course these enterprises are used for revenge services, to take out people who have won large settlements from major corperations in courts. These targets become practice tools for direct non-lethal weapons, implantations, PSYOPS, pshychological warfare etc.

It just so happens that the target will, in my experience, have much of his or her communications controled. This is done in extreem cases, where the target;’s exposing of the crimes done to him or her will jepordize participants, who, are not directly related to the operations.

Actually this is protocol for most targets. Protection is what they are after.

Security of e-mails, blogs etc. will be compromnised.

I recommend looking into The Illuminati. I initially found it hard to believe much of the writing concerning this, but I am now beginning to see how some of it may be reality, though skeptical in the overall arguments the likes of Cisco Wheeler.

Comment by minigh — February 13, 2007 @ 6:02 pm

Gang Stalking is a protection business for criminals run by criminals. It is all about money and power from the top to the bottom.
Some people think Gang Stalking may be condoned or at least ignored by governments because of a perceived lack of effort on the part of law enforcement to investigate these crimes.

Gang Stalking is used to eliminate witnesses to crimes and “take care” of personal vendettas of criminal syndicate members who may be working anywhere in society in any position, much like “sleeper” terrorists, except their goal is to never have themselves or their crimes revealed.

Gang Stalking crews offer services to anyone with the proper criminal connection and money.
Gang Stalking assaults are continuous.

Gang Stalkers coerce family, friends and neighbors to participate in stalking activities. They will use your neighbors houses or apartments for surveillance and as a base to launch attacks against you.

Stalkers will rent or buy properties close to you for constant surveillance and attack bases.

Quote – “The expressed goal of Gang Stalking is to silence a victim, drive a victim insane and possibly to the point of suicide, or destroy the victim’s reputation and believability as the person will likely be viewed as mentally ill should they complain or report the abuse.

It involves provoking and harassing someone continually until they become exasperated and respond in some manner. Then this response is recorded and documented as an indication of how “unstable”, “crazy”, “dangerous”, etc. the person is. In effect, playing games with cause and effect.

The harassers as a group may have broken dozens of laws and committed dozens of torts in an effort to provoke someone into responding in some “unstable” manner that they can “document” and use as “evidence”, often with the help of unwitting bystanders.”

The success of Gang Stalking is dependent on the gradual covert poisoning of the victim, using neural interrupters and psychotropic drugs.

The foundation of Gang Stalking is planned slander. Constant roomers of mental illness, defamation of character, implication of criminal behavior. The lies are “tailored” to the victim.
Victims of Gang Stalking are set up for and led into deviant behavior or crimes after they have been drugged/poisoned. This “evidence” will be documented and used against the victim.
When stalkers ask each other if a victim has been sensitized, they are asking if the victim has been poisoned/drugged to the point where “street theater” will be effective to invoke a response. They also want to know the “Gang Stalking Methods” that have been “imprinted” on the victim so they can continue with the same.

Schizophrenia is the “howl” of the Gang Stalker. You might witness “the victim is schizophrenic” attack anywhere, but it is especially prevalent in their cyber-stalking. Gang Stalkers often revise the definition of schizophrenia to better fit their goals.

Their chemical attacks are intended to and will cause the mental break down of the victim if they fail to protect themselves. Gang Stalkers intend all poison/drug induced behavior by the victim to be mistaken for mental illness.

Victims of Gang Stalking have reported being attacked by “directed energy weapons”. A type of acoustic weapon that has even been for sale on the Internet in various forms could account for some of these attacks. Here is an example of one in current use by Israel. The capabilities of this weapon and resulting symptoms are accurately reported by Dr. Malcolm Davis on National Public Radio.

Quote NPR Transcript, Dr.Malcolm Davis – “…low-frequency sound to the point that you can’t actually hear the sound. And the effect that both weapons produce, is to vibrate the internal organs of the human body…” “…dizziness and nausea and potentially a burning sensation on the skin…”


Electromagnetic weapons and attacks by the same have been confirmed by credible sources. The accounts of victims are mounting daily.

Various stalking crews have been reported and are networked throughout the United States, Russia, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India and many other countries. Reports of attacks come from all countries. These Stalking Crews are made up of well and lesser known organized crime syndicates, street gangs, extremist groups, secret societies, common criminals, and paid, coerced or duped citizens.

Advanced communications have precipitated the growth of this organized crime and are required for it’s operation.

Gang Stalking is intended to completely destroy a victim’s life, while leaving little if any evidence.

Comment by anonymous | January 28, 2007

In the above, by duped citizens I mean everyone, including police, firemen, rescue squads, ambulance workers etc.

And I do think Gang Stalking crews could and probably are co-opting citizen/community policing programs. This means Gang Stalkers are great con-artists or have legal and criminal connections.

It is very important for a victim to defend themselves against the lies told in the community and to police by Gang Stalkers. Unfortunately, most people will automatically believe anything they hear. Look at the post on that “Who’s a Rat” site that says -

Quote – “Is anybody familiar with the new KKK? It’s called gangstalking. They do the dirty work that cops can’t/won’t do.”

That is suggesting that Gang Stalkers only assault criminals. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Many of the duped citizen stalkers I have encountered obviously have no idea who I am and appear to believe I am a criminal or crazy. I’m sure this is part of what they are told along with their standard “brainwashing” treatment.

Some “professional” stalkers I see behave like a cult from hell, others have had overt mafia-like qualities.

Comment by anonymous | January 28, 2007


Gangstalking - The Diabolic attempts to smash truth and speech - click on picture

The first gangstalker, Satan, stalking Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Satan, like all gangstalkers is a total looser.

God and His Messiah Jesus Christ our Lord - our right and duty to witness to Him: It is unGodly and Unlawful. What is Gang Stalking? | Fight Gang Stalking

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